Simple ways to karma cleanse

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means action. In other words, every action you take leads to a reaction – good or bad. It will come back to you.

But recently, you’ve been a little crabby or selfish, or had some things coming back to you that you didn’t enjoy so much. It’s time for a karma cleanse!

Doing a karma cleanse isn’t too difficult. It can start by simply being grateful. Make a list or think out loud about all the things you are thankful for. There is always something, and more often than not, many things! We can even be grateful for the negative things in our lives. Try it out sometime, and if you like, make a list and place it where you can read it.

Start doing random acts of kindness – WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN. It will open your heart and help you let go of selfishness.

Stop worrying what others say about you. It doesn’t matter what they think, it matters if you are good with your inner self.

Don’t judge. If you find yourself very judgmental lately, take a moment the next time you want to judge and put yourself in that person’s situation. Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe they didn’t sleep. Maybe they didn’t mean to come off that way. And perhaps you’ll understand more about yourself and them.

Promise yourself that you won’t repeat your negative actions, and that you were not okay in doing them.

Forgiveness is another big step in karma cleansing. You have to not only forgive others, but learn to forgive yourself. No, you weren’t perfect lately. Yes, you were probably a jerk sometimes. But, you can bet better. Believe it. Let the past go, and keep moving forward!

Try at least two or three, and you’ll be on your way to cleansed karma.